Don’t Believe the Reports of Jon Jones Retiring This Year

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Jon Jones After Weigh in

  • Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou have been feuding on Twitter for days. 
  • Jones claims the UFC is unwilling to increase his pay to move up in weight. 
  • After new Tweets, the reports of Jon Jones can be laid to rest. 

Jon Jones has been in the headlines over the past couple of weeks due to his ongoing social media battle with Francis Ngannou. MMA fans around the country are interested in hearing who the light-heavyweight champion will face next. Interestingly, reports of Jon Jones retiring recently began to surface.

On one hand, Jones has accomplished just about everything he possibly can as a UFC fighter. He’s still only 32 years old, though, and may be in his fighting prime. Today, we’re going to look at whether or not Jon’s time in MMA is really coming to an end.

Let’s get into it!

Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou Continue to Spar on Twitter

We’ve been covering the war of words between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou for more than a week now. It’s not because these two men are taking intense, personal jabs at one another. On the contrary, the Twitter feud between them has been somewhat cordial.

This social media battle is interesting because everyone wants to see how Jones would do against a fighter like Ngannou. Fans have discussed the light-heavyweight champion moving to heavyweight for years. To the disappointment of many, Jon has continued to claim that his home is at 205 pounds.

As Jones and Ngannou began going back and forth, fans started to think that a move up in weight would actually be possible for Jon Jones. No one can imagine a more dangerous opponent for the champion. Francis Ngannou has won his past four fights via knockout, three of which came in less than a minute.

Jones claims he would expose Francis for his lack of technical skills. Ngannou responded, claiming if he hit Jones the way several of his recent opponents have, the fight would be over quickly. It didn’t take long for major US sports betting sites to start offering odds on this blockbuster fight.

Unfortunately, this may end up being nothing more than a dream fight. According to Jones, the UFC is unwilling to increase his pay for a move up in weight. In fact, this entire situation may end up leading to the champ’s retirement.

Where Did Reports of Jon Jones Retiring Surface?

The past few months have been very difficult for professional athletes. Just about every major sports league is completely closed down. Only the UFC is back up and running and the promotion’s athletes are some of the only ones able to earn a paycheck.

Jon Jones has been active on social media lately. He’s called-out several opponents including Dominick Reyes and Jan Blachowicz. The feud with Francis Ngannou seemed to come completely out of left field.

It didn’t take long for fans to get on-board with this idea, though. Jones claimed he would ask the UFC for a pay increase in order to take the risk moving up to heavyweight. Jones now states the UFC brushed this request to the side. He went to Twitter and told fans he may be stepping away from the sport.


No one expected to hear about Jon Jones retiring at this point in his career. He’s in his fighting prime and still holds one of the most coveted championships in MMA. Fortunately, the champ put the ideas of his retirement to rest with new Tweets.

Jon went on to express his disappointment that the UFC was unwilling to increase his fight purses. He went on to claim that he’d take on Jan Blachowicz next, a man many believe is the number-one contender at 205 pounds. Is this simply gamesmanship from the champ?

UFC Officials Have Yet to Reveal Jones’ Next Fight

Jon Jones remains one of the biggest stars in MMA. Despite his repeated issues outside the cage, he’s held onto his status as one of the greatest fighters in history. At this point, fans are simply curious to see if anyone has the skills to dethrone him.

That’s why a move up to heavyweight was so enticing. Jones vs. Ngannou would be fascinating. Many believe that Francis Ngannou has the power to stop Jon.

After his recent Tweets, the idea of Jon Jones retiring is no longer valid. He claims he’s willing to defend his title at some point this year against Blachowicz. Some still feel the UFC is dropping the ball on his move up to heavyweight.

We still don’t know who Jones will face in his next bout. In fact, we don’t even know where UFC events will be held over the next few weeks. The current plan is to host fight upcoming cards inside the UFC Apex Center in Las Vegas. If that’s not possible, Arizona and Florida are thought to be possibilities.

Fights will soon be held on the UFC’s private island. If Jones agrees to face Jan Blachowicz, it’s likely that this fight will take place here. We’ll be sure to offer an update on this situation as it changes.

Who do you want to see Jon face next? Should the UFC pay him more to move up in weight? Let us know in the comments section below.

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