GtBets Sportsbook Review & Bonus

gtbets-logoOriginally opening its doors for business in 2011, GtBets Sportsbook has almost instantly been able to cement itself has one of the fastest growing and most exciting sports books for US customers ever since day one.

Offering fantastic odds – often times even better than Vegas odds – this sports betting platform makes it simple and straightforward to bet online across all major sporting events and most minor sporting events, regardless of whether or not those games are happening in the US clear across the world!

This company has a fantastic reputation, some pretty amazing bonus offers, and a whole host of VIP features that simply aren’t going to be found anywhere else. While there are certainly some limitations that you want to be aware of when it comes to GtBets Sportsbook these limitations aren’t anything outside the norm when it comes to an online sports betting platform and nothing to really worry about.

If you are interested in learning a little bit more about everything that GtBets Sportsbook has to offer, you want to check out the inside information we are able to share with you in this quick guide.

GtBets Bonuses

Pretty much every serious sports book on the planet today is going to offer some kind of bonus to players that are looking to create a brand-new account, and GtBets Sportsbook is no different.

Those that deposit at least $250 into their GtBets Sportsbook account right out of the gate are going to be presented with up to a 100% bonus on those deposits. Anyone that deposits at least $500 or more receive a 50% bonus, all the way up to $500 – and this bonus isn’t just for new players, but is for all players across the GtBets Sportsbook platform.

Those that sign up for automatic reloading are going to enjoy between 5% and 30% bonuses added to their account depending upon what they have their automatic reload settings adjusted at. These are the kinds of bonuses that really helped to separate GtBets Sportsbook from the rest of the pack!

Finally, deposit reload and rollover bonuses are available from GtBets Sportsbook, so they really aren’t anything exceptional compared to the standard five times rollovers available across the online sports betting industry. Still, it’s nice to see these benefits added all the same.

Customer Service

Customer service and support from GtBets Sportsbook is top-notch clear across the board, and gives you the kind of confidence you need to know that you are always making the right decision when you bet online with this platform.

Customer service and support is available in English (obviously), but US-based clients and customers will also have the opportunity to take advantage of customer service and support any number of other languages as well. This provides all clients with the opportunity to get customer service in a language that they are most comfortable with, and absolute essential when you were talking about an online sports book like this when a tremendous amount of money can be up for grabs.

Customer support is available through email, telephone, and with the live chat tools that GtBets Sportsbook makes available as well. All of these tools have tremendous response times, with clients receiving answers to all of their customer service requests within 24 hours and often times much faster than that.


Depositing money directly into your GtBets Sportsbook account is easy, and you will be able to do so with a variety of different payment methods, too.

You’ll be able to deposit funds into your account using a traditional bank wire transfer, Western Union transfer, BitCoin transfer, or you can even add funds to your account with your major credit card or debit card as well.

Pulling your winnings out of your GtBets Sportsbook account is simple and straightforward. You will be able to take advantage of almost instantaneous BitCoin withdraws, though you can also take advantage of bank transfers and physical paper checks drawn off of a Canadian bank account that you can use to get a hold of your winnings as well.


All things considered, there are a lot of different reasons to take advantage of all that GtBets Sportsbook has to offer as far as online sports betting is concerned.

The mobile experience that they offer is top-notch, though many prefer the user interface of the desktop/laptop style interface more so. The odds are available are pretty rocksolid (except on NFL games, when they more closely follow Vegas odds), and you’ll never have to worry about losing out on a tremendous amount of money on the vig or the juice when you choose to bet online with the GtBets Sportsbook platform.

There are plenty of other sports book options out there that you will always have the opportunity to take advantage of, US-based customers would have to be at least a little bit crazy not to really investigate all of the benefits that GtBets Sportsbook provides.