Bovada Sportsbook Review & Bonus

bovada-review-logoWhen it comes to sportsbooks, online gambling, and online casino action for players in the United States, it just doesn’t get much better than Bovada Sportsbook.

Originally known as BoDog (until it ceased operations under this brand-name in 2011), Bovada Sportsbook has really cemented itself as the “must use” sports book in the United States, especially for players that want to get in on all kinds of gambling action on their mobile devices or their computers.

Consistently ranked as one of the very best online sports books anywhere on the planet, Bovada Sportsbook has lightning fast payouts, easy to earn bonuses, and an effortless process for deposits and withdraws – including with BitCoin. You’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to check out everything that this online sports book and casino has to offer, especially after you finish up with this quick review!

Bovada Bonuses

Every single opportunity to bet online with a sports book like Bovada Sportsbook is going to provide some kind of bonus, but the folks at Bovada Sportsbook even offer better bonuses than anyone else considered their competition!

Those that create brand-new accounts on this platform are going to get a free bet that matches 100% of their initial deposit right out of the gate. On top of that, other special bonuses will be added to players accounts on a routine basis, with five times play through requirements as opposed to six times or even 10 times player requirements available elsewhere.

Almost all of the bonuses available from Bovada Sportsbook are incredibly lucrative and very generous, something that is not at all the norm when it comes to online sports book and sports betting opportunities.

Customer service

The customer service available from Bovada Sportsbook is also some of the best in the business, which really makes it a very attractive option for players in the United States looking to gamble on their favorite sporting events in the US or elsewhere around the world. Bovada Sportsbook offers customer service in fluent English (as well as customer service and a number of different languages), and the customer support that they provide is available on a 24/7 basis.

Telephone support is top-notch, and the online support that they provide is also very, very highly recommended. Not only will you get almost immediate responses from staff from this online sports book, but you also get help from the Bovada Sportsbook community as well!


Because of all the rules and regulations that the US government has placed on online gambling you will inevitably have to jump through a handful of hoops to enjoy everything that Bovada Sportsbook has to offer, though you’ll still be able to use all major credit cards and even BitCoin to both fund and withdraw money into and out of your Bovada Sportsbook account with almost 0 restriction whatsoever.

Major credit cards are going to have funds available within 24 hours there are usually within 12 hours in most circumstances), and any money that you deposit or withdraw into your Bovada Sportsbook account with BitCoin is going to happen almost instantaneously. BitCoin not only provides you with the easy ability to fund and withdraw your funds in your Bovada Sportsbook account on your terms, but it also provides you with a layer of anonymity that you may not have been able to enjoy otherwise.


At the end of the day, you will always have plenty of different online casino platforms to take advantage of when you are looking to place bets on your favorite sports, your favorite casino games, or other special events happening all around the world.

But if you are based out of the United States and want to bet online – with real Vegas odds so that you know you are placing legitimate bets with a legitimate sports book – you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to even consider any other online gambling platform that isn’t Bovada Sportsbook.

Their user interface (especially when it comes to mobile gambling) is probably the best in the business. Available on ALL mobile devices – and on your laptop or your computer – you will be able to place bets from anywhere around the world once you have established and funded your account on Bovada Sportsbook.

Their bonuses (for new players and established players alike) are incredibly generous. This is going to help you fund all of the big bets that you are looking to bankroll without having to dip into your own funding to place these bets in the first place. It’s nice to finally see a sports betting platform reward new and long-term customers unlike with these kinds of bonuses!

Finally, the reputation that Bovada Sportsbook enjoys – not to mention the ease of funding and withdrawing money into and out of your account – is one that you are going to be able to trust. Bovada Sportsbook is a platform you can rely on, and not some fly-by-night operation just looking to separate you from your hard earned money.